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Moon Spill

V lad, such a loyal animal, scuffles in the earth at my feet. I stand by the lake. It is beyond dusk. The moon spreads out across the water, its light, falling away, glowing as if with an imminent loss of memory. I come here often. The dog loves the quiet of the lake, the restful […]

Life is a Dragon, Man!

We were once the happiest of couples. A family unto ourselves, as I recall. Just she and I. Winged serpents in love. Two of God’s more extreme creatures, content, breathing a small, rivetingly scorching romantic force of fire. Oh, I know this sounds so trite. Dragon love stories gone wrong are a dime a dozen. […]


“It’s a plot. Obviously.” I try to sound confident in my pronouncements. The people expect it. I expect it of myself. “Well, it’s novel, that’s for sure,” Wickham chimes in, “but it may not be a plot so much as it is a large, unaligned plot of earth, floating in the stratosphere, failing to file […]

Holy Byzantine Empire, Alex!

How on earth, on the earth that is our precious Russian soil, did I ever end up here? Am I just a piece of beautiful meat? A beautiful piece of meat? Another saucy Stroganoff? Am I even beautiful? Is Stroganoff beautiful? I don’t know. I have forgotten! This wretched diet! My companions, my competition in […]