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Life is a Dragon, Man!

We were once the happiest of couples. A family unto ourselves, as I recall. Just she and I. Winged serpents in love. Two of God’s more extreme creatures, content, breathing a small, rivetingly scorching romantic force of fire. Oh, I know this sounds so trite. Dragon love stories gone wrong are a dime a dozen. […]


“It’s a plot. Obviously.” I try to sound confident in my pronouncements. The people expect it. I expect it of myself. “Well, it’s novel, that’s for sure,” Wickham chimes in, “but it may not be a plot so much as it is a large, unaligned plot of earth, floating in the stratosphere, failing to file […]

Holy Byzantine Empire, Alex!

How on earth, on the earth that is our precious Russian soil, did I ever end up here? Am I just a piece of beautiful meat? A beautiful piece of meat? Another saucy Stroganoff? Am I even beautiful? Is Stroganoff beautiful? I don’t know. I have forgotten! This wretched diet! My companions, my competition in […]

Moon Watch

I was leery about setting to sea alone in search of Anton. My own words came back to me as an omen, or, perhaps, it was only the ocean whispering ominously in the rumpled waves: “Wait. Wait until we have sufficient resources, Anton. We are scholars, not sailors.” But, he would not be deterred, he […]