Winter Road Song

Night falls. Gage and I stand in the dark. Highway traffic dwindles to a trickle. A dribble of vehicles is still visible, strung out bulbous bead-like on a giant necklace. Each bauble is distant, removed from any other. The odds of being picked up are negligible. The straightaway on which we’ve planted ourselves works against […]

When Once We Could

“How interesting it is that we are in a position to help Ephemeron. Especially we two.” “Oh Cataphor, you always overthink every situation.” “Perhaps, Deer One. Perhaps. But then, I so rarely have the opportunity. I see her there, embracing you, clinging to the warmth of another loving creature. But we know what she truly […]

The Escape of the Princesses of Palomar

They cluster close, riding bareback across the jeweled soil. Folderol guides Juniper, and they, the six princesses of Palomar, lock legs over the smooth flesh of the Royal Jumper. Eliana is clutched in Folderol’s arms, secure and sure. Ahead, the dangers abound. The first obstacle, the greatest: The journey across the Grand Desert of Trumpocalypse. […]

The Glistening Tree

Ah, I have such fine dreams: dreams as opulent as a silver box of Venezuelan chocolates, dreams as green as a mossy slope in spring, as sweet… as sweet as that first rain drop tumbling on my lips. And then, the rapture of winter, the bauble tree, auburn-tinged, reaching up to the purple sky like […]