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The Literary Lunch- a Denman scribbler looks yearningly at Hornby

How sweet it would be to go and munch, to feed my body, give my brain some lunch! It’d be perfectly fine,I would venture to hunch to break some bread with a literate bunch. Someday I’ll go, scoff an erudite snack, a nourishing snippet of whatever I lack; perhaps rise above my current track, a […]

On the grid

I admit it. I’ve been spoiled; too much free time a life untoiled. Oh, I sweat-shopped some in an earlier time but I now spend my days calculating rhyme. Is there reason for this? Oh, probably not but being a poet and mostly self-taught allows me a freedom to wander my heart, to climb distant […]

Salad frog-daze

I should have been more composed. I mean, the frog was pretty small, a florescent green and all when it bounced out of the romaine and crashed onto the hardwood floor. I suppose the little guy was slightly dazed, wanting really nothing more then to hop away, a natty avocado apparition covered in drippy splotches […]

Three Sheep Walking

It occurred to me, after attending the evening discussion with Steven Price and Fred Wah where the question of the “morose” Canadian character and its influence on our literature, and especially poetry, was referenced, that I should preface my first ever public reading of my just-published, albeit yet-to-arrive-in-my-hot-little-hand, novel, with a not-morose poem. This possible […]