Soldier Child: “A scream of poetic pain on hearing of the unnecessary death of the 77th Canadian soldier in Afghanistan.”

I was raised on a small farm and led a simple life; raised my wheat and raised my beets and led a simple life.   Kaiser Bill shed first blood. I signed up for the fray; dug my trench and said my prayers and lost my life away.   Our farm was gone by `33; […]

Kitchen Sailing

I’m there; it’s a Sunday morning, chopping a Walla Walla onion, cracking a few organic eggs, frying up fake bacon and spare spuds; kettle’s a-boiling, cats squirreling around my feet, some small quibble about the quantity of kibble; coffee’s brewing… It’s all in place, the day is taking shape and then I am looking out […]

On the day Kennedy’s head exploded

On that day, the day Kennedy’s head exploded in Dallas, I was lusting after a slim-hipped blonde girl In Nanaimo. We were truant that awful autumn day, careening in her father’s bright yellow Mercedes Benz. We drove the back roads of the Nanaimo hills that grim November day, nipping lemon gin and exploring. Each other. […]

The night of my conception (A concocted Musgravian writing workshop poem)

  Sweet sea water dreams, waves licking,  lapping the cracked-red paint. That early summer afternoon, anchored at Heriot Bay: She had one frock, a rose-hued dress she saved for store visits and funerals. Not church. Never church. She was done with that. . He was tired of seafood; craved steak. She calmed him; “fish is […]