The Little Voice in the Head of Donald Trump in the Wee Hours

“Pssst. Donnie. It’s me. Wakey wakey.” “Oh, give it a rest, Little Voice. I tired. Let me sleep.” “If only I could, Donnie. But you know me, no rest for the wickedly precise. And you know who started tsunami twittering. It surely wasn’t me.” “Holy Bad Trade Deals, Little Voice. I need my sleep. I […]

The Television World of Child Welfare…some thoughts.

The world of child welfare and social work has never been portrayed all that well or all that frequently on television. I have posted before about East Side/West Side, the gritty 1963/64 George C. Scott, one season wonder. Canada has also touched lightly on the world of teens and social work in a mostly lighthearted […]

A Little Sixties Nostalgia late in 2016…

It is a couple of days before Christmas. I have just watched an NFB documentary from the early 1990’s called Dream Tower. It tells the story (or, maybe, most of the story) about Rochdale College. If you haven’t heard about Rochdale, well it was a grand and ultimately failed experiment in Free University and Student Housing, […]

An exciting Monday Morning in the life of an older writer…

For those of you who might be interested in what the Monday morning of a somewhat older writer might look like, here goes. For the past year or so, I begin Mondays writing a haiku for Ronovan Writes. I did so today. Ronovan offers two words to be used in the haiku. Today, those words […]