Confessions of an Inadvertently Gentrifying Soul

A series of rollicking tales from a “newbie” retiring to a small rural island.
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Villified almost from day one as “the gentry”, Bill Engleson fights back, taking a good-natured swipe at everyone and everything he encounters as he plods along, learning the ins and outs of rural living, sometimes the hard way.

Originally published in the local monthly journal, The Flagstone, to mixed reviews.

After a period of “soul” searching, the author decided not to bother modifying the original pithy content, regardless of who gets offended or confused.  “They got what’s coming to them”, he retorted.

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“The chapter titles tell us much. “Turnip Love.” “Up and Down the Garbage Chute.” In fact, the Table of Contents alone may put a smile on your face that will last the whole time you’re reading this book — except when you catch yourself laughing out loud.  Bill Engleson is lively, entertaining, wise, and full of surprises.” ~Jack Hodgins, – award-winning author Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence 2006; Order of Canada inductee 2009.

“Bill Engleson has written a very funny book filled with stories rooted in truth, and leavened with affection. The island, the people, and all that unfolds in between will keep you chuckling as you hang on for the ride. It makes me long to return to Denman.” ~ Terry Fallis, two time winner of the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour, “The Best Laid Plans” 2008; and “No Relation” 2015.

“This book is unremittingly mischievous. Its author ought to be exiled, like Napoleon, to some small island off the coast and made to subsist on a diet of boiled turnips and old western movies. Read it and see for yourself.”

~  Des Kennedy, author, islander, turnip grower and award-winning journalist, broadcaster and environmental activist.