Wall Flowering


“Go back to sleep, Donnie.”

“But Melania baby, I’ve got it. A sure fire winner.”

“Fine. I’ll put on a pot of coffee and we’ll talk it out.”

“Why do you take that tone with me? This is a GREAT idea. I always have great ideas.”

“Yes, you do. Indeed you do, my darling. Still, you did promise to run the truly great ones by me before letting them loose on the world. Marriage is about sharing. Remember?”

“Let’s cuddle.”

“Stay focused. Coffee! Then talk! Then cuddle!”

“Aw-shucks, my little oyster.”

“That too. Later.”

“IDEAS! I can’t believe the GREAT ideas I get.”

“Hmmm…did you say something, Donnie?”

“Sorry. I was just complimenting myself on my brain power…”

“Can’t hear you…grinding the beans…”


“I can smell them from here…”

“One sip of coffee…you’d enjoy it.”

“Ah, my sweet Slovenian temptress…thank the piggy bank that it’s just the smell that does it for me.”

“Okay…here, satisfy your fine patrician nostrils. And here’s a glass of tomato juice.”

“My elixir. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Now, tell me your idea.”

“Well, you know me…build on another idea…bigger and better. I come out swinging against the Mexicans. I say…get this…we’ll build a giant wall…and get the Mexicans to pay. Supremely smart, eh!”

“And this will keep them out?”

“Yes. Most of them. Certainly the low hanging fruit, anyways. Backed up with some good old American fortitude. And guns.”

“My darling, it sort of reminds me of the Maginot Line.”

“What imaginary line? Don’t make up shit, Melania. I’m talking about a real fence…”

“Donnie, Donnie. History can be a big help to you.”

“I make my own history. You know that.”

“Sure, I know, but listen. And don’t do that. I need you to listen to me.”

“I am. Seriously paying attention.”

“Good. Back in the 1930’s, the French Government built what is called the Maginot Line. I don’t remember everything about it but it was amazing. Your kind of amazing. Outposts, underground railways, weapons, soldiers. A very intricate system. But it failed, Donnie. It was a big fat zero. After a decade of building it, and billions of dollars in costs, francs, actually, it failed to do the one thing it was built for…to keep Hitler out of France.”

“I won’t fail. I never fail.”


“Okay, maybe I have had a few hiccups. But the WALL, my TOWERING TRUMP WALL will be magnificent. AMAZING!

“Ah, Donnie. I’ve tried. Maybe we should go to sleep.”

“Aren’t we going to…?”

“Later. Your Wall has given me wrinkles. I need a dab of caviar salve and a good night’s sleep. We can play in the morning.”

“Pretty please…?”

“The morning, Donnie. Now, get over on your side and stay there.”

“Good night, Melania.”

“Nighty night, Donnie.”




This imagining was created in response to FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #18-Epic Fail

As I trust you could tell, should you have read it, it is a conversation between Melania and Donald Trump sometime before he declared his intention to run for the Republican nomination for President.

Here are Ronovan’s specs for Prompt Challenge #18. Whether the tale actually predicts an “epic fail” for Donnie Trump, is up in the air at this point. Some giant walls work; others don’t.

Whether he epically wins or epically loses, it appears Donnie Trump will do it his way which is guaranteed to be the worst way possible.

See if you can come in at more than a Word Count of 300. Control your word usage. (SUGGESTED-Because some are doing a series and may need more.)

Using the prompt of Epic Fail, WRITE. An Epic Fail is when something intended does not work out, in the worst way. (REQUIRED)