How Brilliant Am I? It needed to be asked but no one was…so…another job for me.

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post. The guilt mounts. The last post was also about short lists. I’m sensing a theme. Today, February 15th is one day away from a new short list. I may or may not make it.

Sitting here in my writing chamber, the snow, even though it has ceased, has, over the past couple of hours, accumulated outside many of our windows in significant quantity…courtesy of three young men contracted to remove a heavy load of it from our roof-top deck.

Peace of mind, as it were.

Back to the wait.

I write a lot. I regularly submit stories and the occasional poem to contests. Many are flash fiction sites where there is no specific prize…just the pleasure, or not, offered by your peers. Over the past few years, I have honed my self-taught writing skills (occasionally supplemented by workshops) by writing every day, often pieces that respond to a variety of stimulating prompts.

Occasionally, I enter contests where there is a monetary prize. Often there is a small entry fee. Many are via a system called Submittable.

Submittable is a process for submitting works to various publications and contests.

Since 2014, I have submitted 28 pieces of my writing art via it. One was longlisted. One was short listed. A few are still in the queue, waiting adjudication.

I live in hope.

I also live in reality.

I should note here that there are other, more individual routes to submit to a range of contests. I have also had a bit of ego-boosting there as well.

As the day approaches for the next short list to be announced (Saturday, the 16th, tomorrow,) though sometimes these days are extended, I get unnecessarily anxious. People have busy lives, and there isn’t always a long list. Did I mention that? I re-review my two entries. A few times. Poems they are. One took months to compose. The other much less time.

Believe it or not, I find a typo in the one that took forever.

It clearly will be trashed.

A poem with a typo,


Or is it unforgivible?


Anyways, as to the initial question I posed…how brilliant am I?…I was trying to reference how I view my various writing products. I see their warts (albeit, not always right away) as much as I see their perfection (again, that can take some time.)

Well, that’s it. I will wait. The snow has stopped. I no longer have to brave the elements to brush off the snow from my satellite dish.

And I have other things to write before the night is snowstorm feb 2019





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