An enthusiastic plug for CQ Magazine and Denman’s Stephanie Slater…

As I make the journey, late in life, as an author, I am continually discovering new paths for expression. But I am by no means the only one. Many many months ago I recommended to the members of my Denman Writers Group, which has been meeting for almost five years now, and was brought to life by the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival Committee, and given most of its enduring oomph by Stewart Goodings and Jo-Anne (JP) McLean, that they might want to consider entering CQ Magazine’s 1st Short Story Challenge.

Stephanie Slater took up the ‘challenge.’

While my entry in the same contest failed to be selected, Stephanie’s story, ONLY YOU, won 3rd place and is featured in the just issued November edition…on page 8-9.

CQ Magazine, incidentally, is a beautiful on-line international compendium of writing, art, environmental activism and a host of other artistic medium.

I should note that I entered CQ Magazine’s 2nd Short Story Challenge and I am thrilled to report that the announcement on page 54-55 of the winners of that challenge includes my name. My Story, A TUMBLING OF TENDER RAIN, will be published in February 2017.

Denman Island has a population of 1000 folks, give or take. I think that having two writers (and counting, I hope) featured in this beautiful on-line magazine says something (heaven knows what) about the creative energy on our little island.



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