Ta da…The Release of my New Book…

As I write this, two boxes containing my new book, Confessions of an Inadvertently Gentrifying Soul, are in the efficient hands of Canada Post. They may be flying over the Salish Sea, or in a truck waiting in line at Horseshoe Bay for the ferry. How they are actually travelling to my waiting embrace is a bit of a mystery to me. Nevertheless, they are on their way.


They will arrive by October 5th. In the next while, beginning on October 8th at the Courtenay Library Indie Author Day, I will be somewhat focussed on making the book available to anyone of a mind to buy it.

The day before, October 7th, I will do an Internet Radio interview on BlogTalkRadio.

On October 15th, I will launch the book at Abraxas, Denman Islands delightful book store.

This is the author’s lot. At least this is this author’s lot. So, after they arrive, I will be spending a reasonable amount of time promoting the book in what I hope will be a stylish and graceful way.

I will crave reviews from those who have the time and inclination to offer them. I will, however, remain humble and grounded, knowing full well that although the book is humorously entertaining and reasonably well written, it is just a book and not a life-sustaining medicinal product. Other than the laughter. That probably counts for something.

Anyways, after those two events, I will engage in a ground and air promotional blitz. One event I am looking forward to is the Coombs Christmas Faire on December 2nd  and 3rd. A fellow writer, J.P. McLean , and I have signed on for the two-day stint of book selling surrounded by truer artisans.

Beyond that aside from a couple of kind bloggers who have or will give me some “air” time, my promotional business plan will of course rely on word of mouth.

Links to buy my two books are on listed on this site. Check them out.

The fun begins. I’ll keep you posted.


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