An exquisite moment as a writer…

I write each and every day.

Lately I have found myself writing reams of flash fiction for various Flash Fiction sites, brief stories which vary in length from 100 words to just slightly over 500.

Additionally, I am about a month away from completing an exercise to write one poem daily about war. I call the project A Year in the Life of War. Each poem, usually written shortly after I get up in the morning, is a visceral response to the horrors of the world.

My largest, most intense project currently is creating the prequel, Drawn Towards the Sun, to my one published novel, Like a Child to Home.

Two other projects involve a compilation of two streams of essays on life in Ruraltania. One is out in the universe being beta rad. The other awaits more attention.

It is flash fiction that most frequently provides instant feedback.

One site, Micro Bookends, today granted me winner status. My contribution involved construction of a brief story of between 90-110 words beginning with the word “perfect” and ending with the word “pitch.” There was a photo prompt of a young guitar player to be incorporated. Anyway, here again is the link to the site, to the other winners and  to my entry, Cortigiana di Lume .



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