A world of lost children…

Sometimes, I sit, immobilized. The story, the massive telling of the Syrian migration odyssey, has caught the world almost by surprize. But should there be any surprize about the residual fallout from wars? Children have been wandering the earth for eons. The current waterfall of migrants in Europe has been compared to the aftermath which befell Europe in 1945.

The European Union is in disarray. The razor-wire obscenity constructed by Hungary between that regime and Serbia augers disaster.

The Canadian Government seems to me to have erected a razor-wire bureaucratic fence to manage the risk of  terrorists penetrating  the goodwill, the empathy of Canadians. We may have to wait for a successful change in Government to reclaim that sense many of us have that we can do so much more.

In the meantime, the spectre of Donald Trump, his meandering and malicious mind, actually succeeding to the White House, hopefully will create a discussion about our place in the world, our values, our ethical duty to ascend beyond the small-minded, morally bankrupt set of ramblings he and our reactionary current Government represents.


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