Ongoing dialogue is needed to examine our services to children and youth

Quite often I write letters to the editor. A few are published. Though I feel driven to comment on a range of subjects, often the subject I most frequently am drawn to are issues that evolve out of state initiated services to children and youth. As a retired social worker, I am a lot freer to make observations about aspects of this field of endeavour; certainly I am not under the thumb of an employer.

In response to a hard-hitting Ian Mulgrew column  in the Vancouver Sun on July 5 2013  (linked here) Mulgrew article

I wrote the following:

I think it essential that we have a public discussion about how decisions are made in the world of child protection. Though I don’t quibble with the valuable requirement of confidentiality, organizational systems like MCFD need to find ways to demystify how they work.

Ian Mulgrew raises a swath of excellent questions in his column. Whether anyone from MCFD, senior staff or politician, will actually respond informatively is anyone’s guess. Well, there actually is no guesswork, really. It is a closed  system for the most part and has yet to learn the benefits of being forthcoming.


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