“My trumpeting sounds like a goose farting in the blog.” (with apologies to actor Alex O’Loughlin for toying with his quote)

I have been enjoying my year long journey as a first–time novelist. As I may have mentioned before, and certainly as many others have said before me, compared to the marketing of a book, the writing was a cinch. My marketing approach has been modest. One of the great things that has happened though has been the new friends I have met who have so generously assisted in the promotion of Like a Child to Home.

Early on, both Susan Toy and Madi Preda have offered amazing advice and assistance.

Madi has also arranged for my upcoming, Monday, September 22nd 11:00 a.m. internet radio interview with Allen Cardoza on L.A. Talk Radio

Very recently, blogger / writer /social worker Dyane Forde shared her delightful interview with me in her blog, Dropped Pebbles. Today, as I write this, Chris Graham, who blogs under the handle The Story Reading Ape, has mentioned me in a fine post.

In the near future, writer/poet/blogger Jane Dougherty may be posting a snippet or two about me.

All of these wonderful people have a far greater reach than I. It is hard for me to reciprocate their generosity. And while (and you may not believe this) self-promotion does not come naturally to me, I realize that it is about the best way to remind people about my novel and keep it somewhat in the public eye. There are hundreds of thousands of books published in the world every year. Most of us will hardly encounter any of them. So, I will continue to go against type and “trumpet” my unique little novel for the next while, and, all the while, try to spend more time writing the prequel.

Have a good day my friends and take a look at the blogs I have highlighted. All of these fine people, aside from creating their own written works, are promoting the world of writers in a most commendable way. I salute them.

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