Dispatch # 1 from the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival 2014

Thursday, July 17

Douglas Gibson is a Canadian publishing icon. He is also a delightful gentleman. Today, in a workshop at the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival, after drawing out the wide-ranging, writerly inclinations of the 10 of us taking his course, Doug Gibson shared a wealth of information and anecdotes on his over 40 years of publishing (and editing.)

With an amusing story about the final novel  from the late great W.O. Mitchell to the brilliance of Jack Hodgins  and his classic treatise on  writing,  A Passion for Narrative,  to Gibson’s admiration for the hard work and enthusiasm of Leacock winner Terry Fallis, Doug Gibson filled the three hours with candor and delight.

For the organizers of this festival, most of the day was spent in setting up the venues and fine-tuning a whole year of planning. They are an amazing troupe.

As much as this post is about writing, I cannot avoid mentioning the horror of the shooting down of Malaysian Flight  MH17 and the inexcusable loss of almost 300 lives.

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