Welcome to my new blog

I am incredibly excited to be days away from seeing my first novel in print. The next step will be to get the word out about it and hopefully receive some critical, not to say positive reaction. As a local Denman Island author, I have had the privilege over the past 8 years of reading a variety of essays and short stories at The Denman Island Readers Writers Festival.   This year, I will have the additional thrill of reading a brief excerpt from the novel, Like a Child to Home. I am pumped.

This island has been an artistic windfall for me and provided a range of opportunities to create using the written word. I have been fortunate to be able to see many articles of mine appear in the Flagstone. This is no small bit of luck. The opportunity to write regular columns and have them published in our small Islands premiere (some say only) monthly journal has assisted me , not only to benefit from maintaining a consistent writing regimen but also to enjoy the satisfaction, and occasional feedback, that comes from being frequently in print.

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