A modest cancellation…

This will be a brief post. Most folks are, I imagine, following the COVID-19 Pandemic and the daily, hourly reporting. It is unfolding with a swift and punishing lucidity. As borders close, as we grow inward, there is an amazing universal overlay. We are becoming at once both increasingly isolated and much more a part of a world community in ways many of us have never experienced.

One lesser way (one of those meaningful but far cry circumstances that have no elements of immediate life or death attached) that I have been affected is that, in consultation with the proprietor of Denman’s Abraxas Book and Gifts, we have cancelled the launch of the Hornby & Denman Community Health Care Society’s booklet, Voices From Hornby & Denman Island Home Support 1979-2019. I should note that it was reviewed in the Ormsby Review recently.

We will of course hold the launch when this Pandemic has become a footnote in time.

 I wish everyone well.


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