The Ormsby Review’s review of “Voices From Hornby & Denman IslandHome Support 1979-2019

This past autumn, the Hornby & Denman Community Health Care Society whose Board of Directors I have the privilege of chairing, published a seventy-six-page book, Voices From Hornby & Denman Island Home Support 1979-2019, to honour forty years of Home Support delivery on our two Islands.

Edited/Composed with skill, passion, and pleasure by historian Dr. Megan J. Davies and sociologist Dr. Rachel Barken, who also stickhandled the documentation of hours of interviews resulting in a video short  retrospective filmed by Dale Devost, the book presents a beautiful almanac of memories by a host of contributors who shared their stories of the beginnings and growth of the anchor service of our organization.

Subsequently, we submitted the book to the Ormsby Review for consideration. As noted on their recently revised site, “Ormsby’s mandate is to review every major B.C. book from any source. Our critical and authoritative reviews and essays, written by experts in their fields, are packaged as illustrated magazine articles.”   

While we awaited the review, we began to plan for a formal launch of the book. Though it is now available at Denman Island’s , we will hold that launch at Abraxas on March 14th 2020.

I am quite thrilled to share the review in Ormsby Review, edited and published by Richard Mackie, as prepared by reviewer Lee Reid of Nelson.

However, before I do, I would like to note that the book, in its final chapter, offers an intimate set of images captured by Denman photographer Mike Van Santvoord of the care in one home and portrays in the words of the two editors of the book, “the human element of the job, and the rich reciprocal relationships between workers and clients.”  A couple of those cherished photographs appear in the review.

Sadly, days ago, the client in the photo essay, Rosemary Talbot, passed away.

I offer my heartfelt condolences to her husband, Gerry Talbot, and his family and friends.

Here is Lee’s Review of “Voices”.





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