You Never Know When You’ll Get Smacked in The Kisser with a Fresh Tomato, OR THE MUSE…


It was a quiet Sunday. Normally I’d be watching Trump Talks to His Body Snatchers in the morning and preparing to play Pickleball for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

But it was our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Family were driving down from Black Creek to break bread…seriously, vegetarian stuffing to go with the salmon and sprouts and all things good.

I had to stay home. Everyday I write a poem using the Merriam Webster word of the day. So, I wrote a poem using triskaidekaphobia.

I know, eh! Great word.

Anyways, I also read a story in Mystery Weekly, the Two-Body Problem by a pretty good flash fictionista, Josh Pachter. It happens that way sometimes. You read something you wish you’d written, and you suddenly want to craft your own masterpiece. I haven’t been writing flash for Indies Unlimited in some time but decided to take a boo at this week’s post. They offer an image and you respond with up to 250 words. The K. S. Brooks copyrighted picture this week was of a critter, a sea lion actually, staring up from body of water.

I immediately wrote a quite dark 250-word crime thriller.

And that, dear friends, spurred me on to get back to my WIP, Drawn Towards the Sun. Chapter 26, to be precise. As mentioned previously, the book is a prequel to my first novel, Like a Child to Home.

I jumped into the chapter, knowing what it was about and where it would (or at least, might) lead, information that had been sorely missing.

As a bonus, all this creative juicing has given me a mid-October blog post.


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