The Denman Island Readers Writers Festival July 18 and 19

As a just published author, I found Terry Fallis’ workshop at the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival on Thursday particularly timely. I accept the proposition that I need to promote, promote, promote.

Time will surely tell.

In terms of writing style, I usually let my stories lead the way. I have two novels in the works, one almost finished and the other half way there and I need to become much more structured in my approach to them. They have both bogged down. Terry always uses 2 1/2 -3 page outlines for each chapter before he begins the writing of the novel. I do believe this is the route I will impose as a way to re-invigorate my two stuck works. Can’t do any harm.

Friday was full of excellent events. The 6 local writers who read were diverse and entertaining. Katherine Monk presentation priorĀ  was forceful.

The street in front of the Denman Island General Store was full of poetry, jazz and a little harmless beer-tasting.

The evening pretty much ended with Kathryn Gretsinger hosting two fun back to back discussions; the first with Steven Price and Fred Wah; the second with Anakana Schofield and Terry Fallis. Lots of verbal juggling, barely any jousting.

Back home, a glass of brandy and a visit from my cat, Shadow, wondering why I was away so long. I tried to explain the concept of festivals to her but, really, it was like talking to a wall.





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