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Another death in care…A letter to the editor

T he state  care of children of all ages is a difficult and convoluted task. The care of older youth has a built in best before date. Time speeds along. It often gets overwhelming for both the youth and those involved in shaping and supporting youth  in those final months. Here is a letter sent late last night […]

A world of lost children…

Sometimes, I sit, immobilized. The story, the massive telling of the Syrian migration odyssey, has caught the world almost by surprize. But should there be any surprize about the residual fallout from wars? Children have been wandering the earth for eons. The current waterfall of migrants in Europe has been compared to the aftermath which […]

The Murder of a Vermont Social Worker…

Even as the child welfare system in British Columbia yet again comes under a significant scrutiny, and even as the unimpressive quality of social work practice in a specific area been skewered and exposed by the exquisitely reasoned and measured critique of the Provincial Supreme Court and even as the Provincial Government again (as it […]

Child Welfare and the World of Film Noir

I have been remiss in posting my thoughts on my two primary blog interests; Child Welfare Issues and Writing Commentary. Of late I have been enjoyably wallowing in film noir and a fun on-line course offered by TCM in conjunction with Indiana’s Ball State University and film noir expert, Richard Edwards. Aside from the unfortunately […]