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Privacy before Transparency…a real connection

We live in an age which cries out for transparency. We have the technology to make revelation and exposure almost unavoidable. Many of us demand disclosure; who knew what, when, where, how, and why? Who is responsible? We always want to know who is responsible. I follow the activities of The Representative for Children and […]

Walking for a while in the shoes of a Social Worker…

Life moves on, usually with a pace that remains unchanged. Individually, we may sense a thrust that suggests we are out of control. The mind races; the heart beats wildly; the seasons seem rushed. I create my own panic these days. Aside from the slowly, inevitable winding down of my body and brain, I lived […]

“Oranges and Sunshine…”

A few weeks ago I watched a very powerful film, Oranges and Sunshine. Based on the memoir of the same name, it tells the haunting tale of British Social Worker, Margaret Humphreys and her efforts to reunite children in the Legal Care of the British State who were shipped, unescorted to Australia, principally in the […]

Another death in care…A letter to the editor

T he state  care of children of all ages is a difficult and convoluted task. The care of older youth has a built in best before date. Time speeds along. It often gets overwhelming for both the youth and those involved in shaping and supporting youth  in those final months. Here is a letter sent late last night […]