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Some thoughts on Broken Promises: Alex’s Story

I have just finished reading the latest (and Bernard Richard’s first) report from the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth, Broken Promises: Alex’s Story. It is a devastating document that details in so many small and a few much more corrosively larger ways how one child, Alex Gervais, was failed to be nurtured […]

The Television World of Child Welfare…some thoughts.

The world of child welfare and social work has never been portrayed all that well or all that frequently on television. I have posted before about East Side/West Side, the gritty 1963/64 George C. Scott, one season wonder. Canada has also touched lightly on the world of teens and social work in a mostly lighthearted […]

A Sad Tale of Social Work from Detroit, Michigan…

News reports of Social Workers being charged with the death of a child are, thankfully, quite rare. Social Workers, by my standards, by most standards I would hope, are usually (as they should be) on the other side of that tragic equation. On the evening of November 14th, I caught a few moments of local […]

Why does it always take so long…?

  The news that the Ministry of Children and Family Development will be extending supports to former youth in care from the current two years to four years and from the current age range 19-24 to the new 19-26 is most welcome. Actually, it is only mildly encouraging… and painfully overdue. I have to assume […]