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Dr. Henry or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Plague

I wrote this essay a year ago. The so-called Freedom Convoy has escalated the anti-vax, anti-mandate movement. It is about time this small essay saw the light. On Thursday, January 28th, 2021, the day a few Canadians (maybe more than a few) bemoaned the one-year anniversary of the Coronavirus in Canada, after being voluntarily stuck […]

Party Hens…A Carrot Ranch Re-post

There is no Middle Ground in the Middle East

We cannot understand why peace is so rare, so elusive, so enigmatic, so spare, so lost in the anger, the soul’s wear and tear. Within Gaza’s rubble, the body count swells, reciprocal death pummels the smoky air, missiles have no conscience, a design of war. Here, we take to the streets, do placard battle, espouse […]

Spring 2021

For one winter moment, one brief twilight still, the snowline draping the sills of the far peaks, the chill, dark and troubling, I worry for spring. In the depth of its dark, the veil of its night, the slight season stirs, stretches the coming blush, the grace of its entry, a repose of rain. Each […]