Some Incredibly Interesting End of the Year 2017 Thoughts…

It is approaching mid-December. I am running out of time to capture a few elusive thoughts for 2017. I recently drafted my first Christmas (Yes, I still call it Christmas) missive. Actually, I totally, unimaginatively, called it my Festivus Letter. But, truthfully, I am still held captive by the concept of Christmas. God knows why!

In another feat of failed imagination, here is the letter…

Dear Friends and Family,

I am starting a new tradition for me. A Festivus letter summarizing my most magnificent past year. Fear not. It will be brief.

As I compose this missive (December 9th, 2017) I can honestly say that it has been an interesting year. Sharon and I have spent more than a healthy amount of time following the disastrous exploits of Donald J. Trump. On a creative note, Trump has proven to be quite a muse for me. I write a lot of flash fiction stories these days and Trump is often featured. I also write poetry as well…generally minus Trump references.

Sharon, who bears no responsibility for this effort, ended the year with her participation in the Denman Island Christmas Craft Fair by selling her beautiful silk inspired crafts.

There were a couple of personal highlights for me this past year. In late April I attended my first Federation of BC Writers AGM. As it was in Nanaimo, the town of my childhood, and only eighty kilometers down Island from Denman, I went, challenging my usual practice of not going anywhere.

In August, Sharon and I went to New Westminster to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our old commune, the CRCA. I have such fond memories of those distant days when I lived cooperatively. Many old friends attended, and I was heartened that the current residents have maintained the spirit and the practice of shared living.

As for life on Denman, I continue to chair the Hornby and Denman Community Health Care Society (for one more year before I pass on the mantle), play Pickle ball 3-4 times a week, promote the very modest sales of my two books, continue to work on other writing projects and the like.

There it is. Not everything that unfolded in 2017 by any means but a modest glance backwards.

Pretty darn exciting, eh!

Have a fine holiday, everyone.

Love from Denman,

Maybe the letter sufficiently sums up my year. Of course, I didn’t mention a spill I took that necessitated my first ever ambulance visit to the house. I declined a trip to the hospital. I’ll save that experience for another time. At my age, I try and do whatever I can to lessen my contribution to the increasing cost of health care.

I do try to be a reasonably good citizen. Just don’t mention the Senate…please.

I have also attended my first of two sessions on Advance Care Planning. The second occurs on Wednesday. We had homework from the first session. I may have to invent a dog when asked where that homework is. Old joke! Sorry.

In the coming year, I hope to continue blogging every so often on child welfare and writing matters. That, and my obscure creative efforts, and a bit of volunteering, not to mention Pickle Ball, will allow 2018 to be a mirror image of 2017. Hopefully, minus the ambulance visit.







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