Spring 2021

For one winter moment,

one brief twilight still,

the snowline draping the sills of the far peaks,

the chill, dark and troubling,

I worry for spring.

In the depth of its dark,

the veil of its night,

the slight season stirs, stretches the coming blush,

the grace of its entry,

a repose of rain.

Each season has its way,

Its own gift to give.

Spring proffers change, rebirth, earth sprouting anew,

a courtesan of hues,

a bountiful bliss.

Rise, Spring Sun

Winter slinks into view, a wily stranger from the unforgiving east, a weather feast alighting on the land, suffering shadows. Here I ignite my stove, cedar and fir burn, as I peer into the night, content to hide, to shelter in the warmth, the comfort of home. On the coming morrow, snow mantles the earth, […]

Epidemic Noir: A brief examination of two great film noir, “The Killer That Stalked New York” and “Panic in the Streets.” And a big thank you to Charli Mills and The Carrot Ranch.

Given the current COVID-19 rampage, and my rather melancholic, long-time predisposition to be an epidemic junkie, this essay, which first appeared on Charli Mill’s blog, The Carrot Ranch, will draw on two thrillers from 1950:  Elia Kazan’s, Panic in the Streets, and The Killer That Stalked New York, a more obscure film, by director Earl McEvoy. When […]

A modest cancellation…

This will be a brief post. Most folks are, I imagine, following the COVID-19 Pandemic and the daily, hourly reporting. It is unfolding with a swift and punishing lucidity. As borders close, as we grow inward, there is an amazing universal overlay. We are becoming at once both increasingly isolated and much more a part […]