An exciting Monday Morning in the life of an older writer…

For those of you who might be interested in what the Monday morning of a somewhat older writer might look like, here goes.

For the past year or so, I begin Mondays writing a haiku for Ronovan Writes. I did so today. Ronovan offers two words to be used in the haiku. Today, those words are dare and dream.

I find this weekly ritual cranks up my brain cells…though I may be deluding myself on that score.

I was also fortunate this morning to have my flash fiction piece for Microcosms recognized. The theme/prompt was Leonard Cohen. All the entries were excellent. Yesterday, not in anticipation of anything, I read my almost three-hundred-word entry at my monthly writers group. It garnered some well-deserved criticism, particularly with my image of dust balls fornicating. I confessed I had toned down what I had wanted to suggest the dust balls were engaged in. I am occasionally a cowardly writer with the sensibility of my mother.

Another writer, Stewart G, read a piece which also mourned the passing of Cohen, but overall was somewhat upbeat, a paean to Stewart’s eternal optimism.

While I am at it, the three other readings were engaging and evocative. Annie S read a wonderful piece in progress about her brief very back to the land stay at a Galiano Island Commune in 1969. Rosa T transported us along with two real travelling friends of hers to an imaginary holiday in Greece. Christine S revisited the 1980’s and Trudeau Liberal largesse. So, you can see that Sunday was as exciting as I hope today will be…and I haven’t even mentioned Pickle ball.

Apart from a few chores today, I will devote my time to polishing a review I am writing for the Ormsby Review (a new literature review named after Margaret Ormsby.) It is my first real review. Assuming it survives whatever cut it receives from the publisher, I’ll mention it in a future post.

Well, there you have it; an exciting Monday morning in the life of an older writer…



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