The Old Guy Who Talked to the Squirrels…or, at least, one Squirrel

I recently posted a link on Facebook that referenced squirrels and how, in the long ago, people kept them as house pets. Stimulated by that antiquated human behaviour oddity,  I recalled that a couple of years ago I wrote a flash fiction piece that involved a squirrel. Here is that story which I titled…

The Old Guy Who Talked to the Squirrels…or, at least, one Squirrel


“Yup, that’s the way I remember it, Officer. Every day, I walk by that little park, sit down on the wooden bench by the stream, feed the squirrels, talk to ’em, tell ‘em it’s alright, squirrels are people too.”

Whack jobs thought Tom Dilly. On this beat, I get whack jobs. Still, Dilly, you gotta be professional.

“So, Sir, you were talking to some squirrels? What did they say?”

The old man looked at Officer Dilly as if to ask, “What would you expect a squirrel to say?”

“My apologies. It was one squirrel. I talk to them all but really it was only one of them who spoke to me.”

“One?” said Dilly.

“Yup. Their spokessquirrel, I guess you could say.”

“Fine. And he…it was a he?”

“Roberto. So, yes.”

“The squirrel who spoke to you is named Roberto.”

“Yup. Could be an alias, I suppose?”

“Right. What did Roberto say?”

“Well, he asked me if I had ever watched Davy Crockett’s Keel Boat Race?”

“I’m sorry. What?”

“It was a delightful Walt Disney episode back in the 1950’s. Before your time, I suppose.”

Dilly rubbed his eyes and momentarily wished for the weekend to arrive.

“So he asked you about some old movie?”

“TV show. Yes.”

“And did you remember it?”

“Vividly. Quite vividly.”

“And then?”

“He asked if I remembered the squirrel in the episode.”

“Another squirrel?”

“Yup. And I did. The squirrel kept throwing nuts in Georgie Russell’s coffee.”


“Davy Crockett’s friend…played by Buddy Ebsen. Fine actor. And a funny scene. Highlight of my life up to then.”

“And he asked you about this…why?”

“Oh, to establish his credentials, I suppose. The squirrel in the film was an ancestor of Roberto’s.”

“So then he mentioned the Martians to you?”

“Just one Martian, officer. Just one.”



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