The Republican Presumptive VP Nominee, and Nice…

Although much in the world wears us down, the journey continues. I have no answer for the tragedy in Nice. Yesterday I wrote a bit of whimsy about Donald Trump’s first major decision as nominee, as presumptive nominee, the selection of Indiana Governor, Mike Pence as his  VP running mate. Today,  apparently, he is having second thoughts.

This must be a new experience for him, having a  second thought. In any case, here is the little tale I wrote yesterday for Thursday Threads. As a piece of flash fiction, it has a very short shelf life and so is excellent blog fodder I’m guessing.


The V.P.

“My goodness, it is a conundrum, Mr. Trump.”

“What are you on about, Squig? What drum? I don’t like drums. I don’t even like parades…unless I’m leading the damn thing.”

“Conundrum, Mr. Trump. It’s not a drum. It’s a…”

“Squig, I don’t need you telling me what I heard. I heard DRUM. I also heard CON, Squig. Martha Stewart is out. I won’t have an ex-con on the ticket. And besides, she’s a Democrat.”

“Mr. Trump. Donald. Sir, we are down to the proverbial wire. Cleveland is next week. You have to decide.”

“This is nuts, Squig. So many things to figure. Demographics! Geography! Sex! Let me see that list again.”

“The short list, sir?”

“No, the damn laundry list. Of course the short list. Gimme, Squig!”

“Yes sir. Here it is.”

“So! Newt! What kind of name is Newt? Sounds like a bloody frog. Christie! I like Chris, Squig. Sharp tongue on that boy. Christie? Hmmm. Don’t they make crackers? Name like that could get us the southern vote, right?”

“I suppose, sir.”

“Pence? Smooth as a long silk tie, that guy. What’s that name you gave him, Squig?”

“Pensive, sir.”

“Yeah! Pensive. Mike’s always thinking of ways not to say something. Don’t know how he does it.”

“The wire, sir. It’s gonna strangle us. Can you decide sir, or should we continue our search?”

“Okay, Squig, put their pictures on the wall and hand me that dart. It’s time to pin the tail on the donkey.”




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